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More ONS Info

According to various witness descriptions, the EAR/ONS would be a White Male approximately in his late 40’s to early 50’s. (White Male 18-25 years old in 1976). He would have blue or hazel eyes. He would be between 5’8 to 5’11 in height. Suspect was physically fit with a broad, muscular chest in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s.


Suspect wears a Size 9 shoe and has Type “A” Blood. Suspect additionally is a non-secretor.

Voice is higher-pitched than average male. When disguising voice suspect will attempt to make voice sound husky or gruff.

Geographical Location
Lived in the Sacramento Area between 1976 and 1979.
Frequented or lived in Rancho Cordova, possibly near Paseo Drive, around 1976 and earlier.

Frequented Costa Contra County in 1979


Frequented or lived in Goleta, CA in 1979 to 1980. Possibly had relatives or friends living there at the time.


Frequented or lived near Ventura County and/ or Orange County, CA from 1980 to 1986.


Target Neighborhoods


Suspect primarily targeted middle-class to upper-middle class neighborhoods with homes on or near cul de sacs or homes adjacent to vacants fields, schools, parks, creeks or homes under construction. Several of the neighborhoods targeted by the suspect had “homes for sale” or homes recently sold. Suspect is known to have posed as a realtor, building inspector or prospective home-buyer.


Diamond Knot/Bondage


Suspect showed proficiency in tying ornate knots including the “diamond knot”.
Suspect most likely engaged in bondage-oriented fantasies with his female sexual partners and collected violent pornographic material which included bondage.




Suspect had access to a large collection of weapons and handguns and knives. Specifically, .38, .357 Magnum and .45 Caliber handguns and different knives. Suspect also had access to many different flashlights.


Possible Suspect Vehicles


As of 1977, the suspect possibly drove an older VW Bug of a nondescript color, slighted under varying lighting conditions and reported variously as dark green, gray or silver blue. It may have expanded rear fenders and wide wheels.


In Southern California, suspect possibly drove or had access to a white 1970’s model Pontiac.


Military/College Background


Suspect possibly had some law enforcement or military police training. Suspect was possibly stationed at Mather or McClellan AFB in the early to mid-1970’s.


Suspect was possibly a student at American River College or California State University at Sacramento in the late 1970’s, possibly attending school on the GI Bill.


Suspect possibly attempted to get into University of California, Davis around 1979.Suspect was possibly a student attending College at Santa Barbara or Irvine in the early 1980’s.

Some of the above information came from witnesses, but I don’t know how much of it is based on behavioral profiling. I suspect the Military/College background is probably profiling and speculation based on the locations of the crimes. Diamond Knot/Bondage appears to be a combination, the fantasies/pornography seems like it may be based purely on the knots he used. The car information appears to be based on witness reports.

I remember that he brought a large dog (maybe a german shepard?) to at least one attack.

The last known contact was a phone call he made to one of his victims in either ’90 or ’91.

…more info at, http://www.ear-ons.com/evidence.html.


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A nocturnal criminal, the suspect prowled and burglarized his victims’ neighborhoods days, and sometimes weeks, prior to his attacks. He wore a ski mask, gloves, dark clothing with long sleeves, and tennis shoes or military-style boots. He brought a knife or firearm (.45-, .357-, or .38-caliber) with him. His method of entry often would involve prying open sliding-glass doors with a screwdriver. He would attack even in the presence of children or dogs. Initially, the suspect targeted single females, but evolved into attacking male-female couples while they slept or as they prepared to retire for the night.

Possible Suspect Information

Authorities describe the suspect as probably white with fair to light olive complexion and most likely dark hair, between 5’7″ and 5’11” in height, currently in his late 40s to early 50s, and possibly bearing a tattoo of a bull on either forearm. His modus operandi included such actions as–

* talking/whispering to victims through clenched teeth;

* waking sleeping victims by shining a flashlight on them or speaking to them;

* telling victims that all he wanted was money and food and repeatedly asking where money or jewelry was located, but seldom taking anything of value;

* threatening victims by pressing a gun or knife against their skin and threatening to kill them;

* binding victims, often very tightly, with shoestrings, twine, or cord he brought to the scene;

* covering victims’ heads or blindfolding them with a towel or article of clothing;

* separating the female victim from the male, moving the woman to another room where he raped and sometimes sodomized her or ordered her to perform fellatio;

* placing dishes or similar objects on the male’s back prior to moving the female, telling the male that he would kill everyone if he heard any noise; and

* spending a significant amount of time with the victims, from several minutes to 4 hours.

The EAR evolved into a killer, generally bludgeoning his victims’ heads multiple times with a blunt object or shooting those he could not control. Over time, he appeared to become more aware of evidence, removing the ligatures from his victims’ bodies before leaving the crime scene. Investigators surmise that, in later cases, he observed the couples performing sexual intercourse, then entered the house and killed them in a blitz-type attack.


“He stalked his victims,” says Suzanne, an intelligent, insightful woman who spent two hours talking about her ordeal. She was 30 years old when the East Area Rapist struck her home in the mid-1970s. “I still wonder, why me? Why did he choose me? Did he know me before or was I a random choice? I want to know his identity. He broke into our home, tied up my children, and tormented and terrorized me for hours. He had a knife and a gun. He blindfolded me and left for a long time, saying that if I moved, he would kill me. I was terrified. Just when I thought he was gone, he burst back in and stabbed the knife into the bed an inch from my face. He screamed that he had seen me move. He said he was going to cut body parts off my family and bring them to me. I felt in my heart that my children and I were going to die. Do you believe in evil? I do. It was in my house that night.”

.“He attacked me the same way he attacked the others,” recalls Suzanne. “I woke up in the middle of the night and he was over me, a flashlight in my eyes, swearing through clenched teeth and giving orders. All I could see was the handgun pointed at my face. He said if I didn’t do exactly what he said, he would kill my family. He wanted complete control and compliance. Yet, the entire time it felt as though he was simply playing a role he had scripted out. I felt I was injected into this fantasy of his. Whenever I said anything that distracted from it, he would become furious. It was like he was testing me, and I was convinced he would kill me if I didn’t go along with his fantasy. It was crazy. It was as though some deep, deep drive was pushing him. At the same time, he had it all planned out to the last detail.”

“Late one night during that time, deputies spotted a prowler who fit the general description, right down to the ski mask,” says Stincelli. “They went on a foot pursuit after this guy, but he outmaneuvered the toughest, most athletic guy we had on the force at the time. I knew then he was going to be very, very difficult to catch.”

–from crimeandjustice.us forum

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