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I’ve started playing live 10 dollar sit-n-gos at this billiard club not too far from my house, and so far, out of 4 trys, Im 0 for 4. No cashes. Ive got as close as 4th. Typically there are 15 or so players¬†on 2 tables, although one I played in only had 11, all crammed onto one table. The players are a mix between fairly competent players to outright nits, a considerable number of older guys, 50 plus. Old school local gamblers and stakehorses, and former nine-ball regional champeens. This is a pool hall, so that is not a suprise. Im not in touch with the local underground hold em scene, only knowing of a couple places to play cash games, and dont play often, mainly because Im not working and have zero bankroll.

At this place there are some minor infractions of standard tournament rules, but for the most part I think everything is on the up and up. No sense that there’s any collusion going on with the old dudes, who seem to come out on top every time, and split the money, usually. A number of times a player has doubled or tripled up and left the game, only to have some other player play out their chips. Im fairly sure this isnt allowed in live tournament games in casinos. But it could very well be standard on the underground circuit. Just not experienced enough to know.

The blinds are structured kinda funky as well. The tournament starts off slow, with 50/100 blinds, going up every 18 minutes, I believe. But when they hit 500/1000, they get crazy; the next level is not 600/1200, but 1000/2000. Again not sure if this is standard or not. But there are time constraints (the bar must close at 3 amРalthough Ive personally gambled nine-ball well past four at this place) so I understand.

Have yet to figure out the right strategy to cash or win here. And maybe Im just not as good as I thought I was. I’ve certainly misplayed some hands shortstacked. With blinds at 1000/2000, with a stack around 9000, I got KJ offsuit and should have played, but did not. I had gone out with same hand the previous tourney with KJ against A9, calling a raise on my blind by a guy who likes to steal. I also limped under the gun at 500/1000 with 6-6 only having to fold to a raise by QQ. Bad play, with the big blind coming to me the next hand.

Oh well, Ill keep plugging along until I win or the game gets shut down by the cops. Wonder what Obama’s policies are on legalizing poker and online gamblilng? Can’t be any worse than Bush’s.


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