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Ed Gravat woke from a nightmare that was not really a nightmare, not
fully. The hum of the motel room’s A/C was for a moment inside his head, an
alarming sensation he was thankful did not last long. Light from the parking lot
lamps sifted finely through the thin dirty drapes; he thought at first there was
a figure sitting up in the chair by the desk, more still than was possible, but he
quickly realized it was only his overstuffed backpack upright in the chair. He
was sweating fiercely. The pillow beneath him was cold and clammy so he
flipped it over, only to realize that side too was moist.

The dream concerned the recent events in Black Rock, Tennessee, a
a mountain hamlet Gravat had only a week ago first arrived, then three in-
creasingly strange days later, bolted from like a jarred rabbit finally cut loose
from the headlights that had held it captive. But those three days, staring blank-
ly into its headlights as it were,


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