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witchcraft notes

Diana prevailed with the cat to change forms with Her, so She lay with Her Brother, and in the darkness assumed Her own form, and so by Lucifer became the Mother of Aradia.  But when in the morning He found that He lay by His Sister, and that light had been conquered by darkness, Lucifer was extremely angry;  but Diana sang to Him a spell, a song of power, and He was silent, the Song of the Night which soothes to sleep; He could say nothing. So Diana with Her wiles of witchcraft so charmed Him that He yielded to Her love.  This was the first fascination, She hummed the Song, it was as the buzzing of bees )of a top spinning round), a spinning-wheel spinning Life.  She spun the lives of all men; all things were spun from the Wheel of Diana.  Lucifer spun the Wheel.


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1. You have typed in the word “Brangelina” in the google search box.

2. You laugh hysterically whenever that Phoebe character on Friends sings one of her silly songs.

3. You cite “Southpark” as a symptom of a sick and immoral society, when in reality it is only a fun little mirror.

4. When Moby so sagaciously challenged each and every one of us to “look into a cow’s eyes, before eating that hamburger,” you thought that a daring and pithy argument for the vegan lifestyle.

5. Regardless of your opinion on the concept, you pronounce the word, homosexual, “homosexshule”.

6. Mylie Cyrus, played or unplayed, is in your cd changer or mp3 player artist list.

7. Your body is covered in tattoos and riddled with piercings and modifications and you work at a local used/trade book or music store where you treat your shabby customers with contempt or barely discernible regard. You might also think Rob Zombie is an interesting and important artist and director of original horror films. He is not.

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Eventually this asshole is really going to hurt someone. In my eyes, this piece of shit cop should be standing in the fucking unemployment line.

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