How To Scare Children: An Instruction Manual.


Ed Gravat woke from a nightmare that was not really a nightmare, not
fully. The hum of the motel room’s A/C was for a moment inside his head, an
alarming sensation he was thankful did not last long. Light from the parking lot
lamps sifted finely through the thin dirty drapes; he thought at first there was
a figure sitting up in the chair by the desk, more still than was possible, but he
quickly realized it was only his overstuffed backpack upright in the chair. He
was sweating fiercely. The pillow beneath him was cold and clammy so he
flipped it over, only to realize that side too was moist.

The dream concerned the recent events in Black Rock, Tennessee, a
a mountain hamlet Gravat had only a week ago first arrived, then three in-
creasingly strange days later, bolted from like a jarred rabbit finally cut loose
from the headlights that had held it captive. But those three days, staring blank-
ly into its headlights as it were,

silly thing

Here’s my (I think) original idea for a vampire and werewolf tale:

Bono, the international pop star, goes off to Eastern Europe for a benefit concert and media makeover, but returns to dublin a vampire.
Similarly, The Edge, goes on a sabbatical in Siberia, and stays with a strange tribe of throat-singers who worship doomsday comets, and returns to dublin with a terrible fixation of the full moon.

Soon after, U2, the international supergroup, rejoin in their private studios in the Netherlands (hey, they’re keen businessmen) and produce their latest pop-experimental smash, How to Dismantle a Fascist Dictatorship in 4 Easy Payments of 19.99. Meanwhile, all across Amsterdam the corpses are piling up, either mangled and mutilated like they were attacked by wild dogs or bloated and siphoned of their entire blood supply.. it’s real mystery.

Det. Adolf Rembrant leads the investigation and cant quite believe where all the evidence is pointing!

I believe this could work…

passenger lyrics

I lay
Still and breatheless
Just like always
Still I want some more
Mirrors sideways
Who cares whats behind
Just like always
Still your passenger

The chrome buttons buckled on leather surfaces
These and other lucky witnesses
Now to calm me
This time wont you please…
Drive faster!

Roll the window down
This cool night air is curious
Let the whole world look in
Who cares who sees anything?
Im your passenger
Im your passenger

Drop…these down
Then…put them on me
Nice…cool seats there
To cushion your knees
Now to calm me
Take me around again
Dont pull over
This time wont you please
Drive faster!!!

Roll the window down
This cool night air is curious
Let the whole world look in
Who cares who sees what tonight?
Roll these misty windows
Down to catch my breath and then
Go and go and dont just
Drive me home then back again!

Here I lay
Just like always
Dont let me
Go… (9x)
Take me to the end…

definitions by dario (argento):

horror: that which brings about revulsion

terror: that which instills fearful anticipation..

I can think of two examples where ambiguity plays a crucial role in the magnitude of the horror/terror captured… although they are films not books…

Halloween: we are never privy to the limits of Michael Myers’ humanness until the very end, and then even when he survives all the gougings from the hanger and the gunshots from the doctor’s gun, we still arent sure he is a supernatural thing. maybe he only crawled ten feet to the bushes to die, and the camera never pans there…

Black Christmas (1974): As one of the characters in the movie comments, “could that really be one person speaking?” in reference to the The Moaner/Billy’s obscene phone calls. There seems to be simultaneous pig squeeks, groans and words, in different voices… one possibility, only my own theory, is demon possession, since this film came soon after The Exorcist, in 1973, could of been on the scriptwriter’s mind… only with a far less intention to be explicit…

Im sure you wanted examples of novels not films, so Ill have to think about it a bit more. Perhaps, The Choir of Ill Children, by Tom Piccirilli, could possibly fit into this category. I think there that time, decay and curdling personalities become the true elements of horror while the supernatural is flirted with through side characters that are conjure witches, voodoo adherents and the like.

melissa huckaby

I bet this girl, one, had a drinking problem, two, was addicted to online porn and three, was so depressed about how much her life was a failure, she finally, said, fuck it, Im going to do something that really is horrible, that really will be evil enough to warrant what guilt the world put on her..

reason I say this is, because I personally had one Public Intox 2 years ago for WALKING home instead of driving and that has cost me many possible jobs, and is currently making jobhunting an almost impossible task.. these companies do background checks and see a misdeameanor and never once think of possible extenuating circumstances… they just throw the application to the fire…

Id be willing to bet hard cash ( if I had any!), this girl had run up against these insane barriers for years because of her petty crime record… and she had a kid to raise to boot..

she’ll go down for second degree murder though, and get 40 to life…

I think it is beyond idiotic for you people to place blame on this woman’s employers for her current horrific actions. do you honestly think someone with a minor misdemeanor record should NEVER again in their lives be given an opportunity to improve themselves and have useful occupations within the community? What she did was truly horrible and highly unusual, even for the so-called scum with criminal records.

Also, how society as a whole treats a person with a criminal record for the remainder of their lives can have a decided effect on how that person develops in the future. I personally have been denied job opportunities because of one, isolated, mistake I made while drunk. I got belligerent with cops walking hime from a bar and recieved a Public Intox charge. 3 years later, Im out of work and the only interviews Ive had are with employers that do not do background checks.. Gee Im such a monster, I cursed out cops while drunk.. My whole life should be ruined for this.. (sarcasm).

witchcraft notes

Diana prevailed with the cat to change forms with Her, so She lay with Her Brother, and in the darkness assumed Her own form, and so by Lucifer became the Mother of Aradia.  But when in the morning He found that He lay by His Sister, and that light had been conquered by darkness, Lucifer was extremely angry;  but Diana sang to Him a spell, a song of power, and He was silent, the Song of the Night which soothes to sleep; He could say nothing. So Diana with Her wiles of witchcraft so charmed Him that He yielded to Her love.  This was the first fascination, She hummed the Song, it was as the buzzing of bees )of a top spinning round), a spinning-wheel spinning Life.  She spun the lives of all men; all things were spun from the Wheel of Diana.  Lucifer spun the Wheel.